Claudine's story

Claudine was an injecting poly drug user, at risk of eviction through housing debt. She suffered DV from age 14 leading to drug abuse. She was involved in prostitution, severely underweight and her child had been removed.

Through day program supports Claudine is now abstinent, no longer at risk of eviction, has learnt life skills, is studying, working part time, attending the gym, has her licence and a car. She connected with NA and Smart Recovery groups and her child is back in her custody.


Day Program

The Day Program allows women to work in groups in a safe and respectful environment to learn from each other and explore personal issues that led to their misuse of alcohol and other drugs. The group format allows women to trust and build on their strengths and develop new skills needed to reach personal goals, and make positive choices for the future. The group program helps women learn the skills they need to keep on living a life free from alcohol and other drugs.

The Day Program includes a range of topics on important issues for women such as healthy body image, communication skills, and nourishing relationships, how to manage moods, exploring family of origin, parenting, and other skills for living a full and meaningful life without alcohol and other drugs. The Day Program runs for eight weeks from Monday to Thursday at the premises of Toora AOD Services, in Civic. Women are assisted by their own Case Co-ordinator to make sure they receive the type of support that will suit them best.

Contact details for further enquiries

Phone  [02] 6248 8600

Sample week program

Who is eligible?

The program is available to women 18 years and over, who are living in stable accommodation, wanting intensive support to maintain abstinence from alcohol and or other drug use, and can commit to attending the day program for the full eight weeks.

Women who have children under school age are offered referral to nearby childcare. Those with babies under the age of 12 months are able to bring them along to the program with approval of the Day Program Co-ordinator.


There is no cost for the program. Tea and coffee are provided, however you will need to bring your own lunch.

Procedures for entry

You may be referred by another service, or may approach us directly by telephoning Toora AOD Services on: [02] 6248 8600. A Case Co-ordinator will conduct an assessment to make sure that the day program will suit your needs. If not staff will connect you with a more appropriate service. If the program meets your needs you will be placed on a waiting list and asked to maintain regular contact to let us know that you are still interested, and when a place becomes available you will be informed of a start date.

Call us on 02 6122 7000 or email