Ruth's story

Ruth was drinking two litres of wine a day. She suffered with depression which started after a divorce due to DV. She has been to detox three times before but never continued into rehabilitation.

Ruth took her long service leave to attend Lesley’s Place. Through supports she learnt skills to establish daily routine, attended counselling and the day program, established strong support networks and got a sponsor. She is now living independently and is happy to be abstinent and back at work.


Lesley's Place

Lesley’s Place is a drug and alcohol service that provides residential treatment and recovery support for women and women accompanied by children. It has the capacity to house nine women and two children.

Lesley’s place can support women who have already completed a supervised withdrawal, but need short term, day-to-day support in their recovery.

The program operates in a safe, friendly and welcoming home to assist women in overcoming their dependencies and develop positive life-skills.  All women in residence at Lesley’s Place are expected to attend the Day Program. Women are expected to engage in case management and develop a recovery plan that may include attending outside services such as: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Relapse Prevention Groups and other counselling services.

Who is eligible?

Lesley’ place will assist women 16 years or older, with or without children, with drug or alcohol dependencies, who have undergone a supervised withdrawal.

Women on pharmacotherapies and benzodiazepines are accepted into the program.


Women are asked to pay 25% of their income plus the rent assistance they are eligible for.

Procedures for entry

The support offered at Lesley’s Place is primarily focused upon recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can be a very difficult process and may require medical intervention. This is why we require women who wish to use our services to have already completed a supervised withdrawal program. The staff will provide information and referrals to assist women to access supervised withdrawal services.

Once a supervised withdrawal has been completed, you can either be referred to Lesley’s Place by other services or can refer yourself directly. One of the workers will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your situation, so that we can better understand your particular circumstances. This can be done either face-to-face or over the phone.

If the Lesley’s Place program is considered suitable needs you will be placed on a waiting list and asked to keep in touch with the service until a bed becomes available, and outreach support offered where appropriate. If for any reason the program is not suitable, you will be referred to a more appropriate service.


Contact details for further enquiries

Phone  [02] 6241 7233

Call us on 02 6122 7000 or email