Supported accommodation

Sally's story

Sally moved in and out of refuges since she was a teenager and had trust issues due to her previous experiences. Sally’s case worker was able to engage and build trust with Sally, which then supported her with identifying and working on her addictions. Sally is now in her independent accommodation for the first time in her life, and is successfully sustaining her tenancy and still engaging with AOD services around her recovery process.

Toora House Supported Accommodation [THSA] provides shared accommodation for women unaccompanied by children who are homeless for a variety of reasons such as mental health, alcohol and drug issues, financial difficulties and trauma. Toora House Supported Accommodation has a number of properties for shared accommodation which includes crisis and transitional properties.

THSA provides case management and support women with advocacy, referral, budgeting support, assistance to build a community support network, and assistance to obtain independent stable accommodation. THSA works to provide an environment free of racism and discrimination, which promotes equality and respect for all.


Who is eligible?

Toora House Supported Accommodation accepts women 16 years or older who are homeless and unaccompanied by children.


Women in supported accommodation pay 25% of their income for rent and are eligible for rent assistance from Centrelink. Case management services are free.


All referrals for Toora House Supported Accommodation come from OneLink. OneLink is a free telephone service for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in the ACT and refers people to appropriate services.

Contact details for further enquiries

Please contact OneLink on 1800 176 468
from Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm.

Call us on 02 6122 7000 or email